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How do I backup and restore my database with Ensim?

First, login to the phpMyAdmin program (accessible from the 'configure MySQL' link from the Ensim Site Admin control panel)
Select all the tables in the right page and then check the "Structure and Data" radio box and 'Save as File' but don't check the zipped or gzipped options. Click 'Go' and it will prompt you to start a download of your database, save it as a .sql file where you will be able to find it later.

Then, if you needed to restore your database, you'd want to login to PHPMyAdmin and check all the tables and 'drop' them. Right below the 'run queries' box on the right page you can select a local file from your computer to upload and run, and that is where you'd pick the .sql file you backed up. It'll take a few minutes to upload and process, and then it should show up fine.

If the file is too large to run via phpMyAdmin, you could always upload it via FTP and send us a support ticket requesting that we import the SQL file into your database, just tell us where the file has been uploaded and what database to load it into, etc. and we'll do it no problem!

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