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Where to place your CGI scripts:

Although there is nothing dangerous about placing cgi scripts in random directories throughout your site, it's best if you keep them in their own little home known as the cgi-bin. This minimizes security risks and allows you to maintain your cgi programs from one directory.

The path to Perl:

One of the first things you must do when configuring a script, is set the correct path to the Perl interpreter, which is the engine responsible for processing the script. The path to Perl on our servers is: #!/usr/bin/perl

The path to Sendmail:

Some programs, such as those that send email, will need to know where the Sendmail program resides on the server. The script will typically have a setting like this: $mailprog = '/usr/sbin/sendmail'; and will want you to set it appropriately. Sendmail on our servers can be found here: /usr/sbin/sendmail or  /usr/lib/sendmail.

Setting directories within your cgi scripts:

When you configure a cgi script for "any" server, it may ask you to set variables such as the base, relative, and CGI directory/url settings. Here's an "example" using Matt Wright's script. Obviously, each script may vary, but this should provide you with some basic idea:

$basedir = "/home/yourlogin/public_html/wwwboard";
$baseurl = "";
$cgi_url = "";

Most scripts come with documentation on how to set these directories. Please make sure you read and understand it before configuring the script. New to cgi? Here is a page with questions and answers to numerous questions evolving around the ins and outs of using cgi within your scripts:  Another excellent site, which provides step by step chapters is:

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